It all started a few days ago. Golfing with some buddies TruthGolf was born out of a bad tee shot and the ensuing smack talk on a Friday afternoon with the guys. Since then, we’ve started a company. It’s a simple idea. Celebrate the wonderful game of golf. 
Golf. It is a majestic game. A gentleman’s game. Regal. Played by time-honored rules and revered etiquette. An age-old pastime, proudly handed down from collared shirted father to khaki panted son. Yes, this is a game steeped in tradition, green sport coats, hushed crowds and legendary trophies.
But the truth is, there’s so much more to love about the game.
We love the smell of a freshly cut green in the morning and the taste of a freshly cracked beer on the back nine. We love the fist-pumps, the fist-bumps and the fistfuls of cash after winning our Skins. We love the smack talk. Because it’s about friends. It’s about laughter. Above all, it’s about camaraderie. The Truth is, we love to get out and play whenever humanly possible. Or, at least, when our wives let us. We live it. we wear it. We are TRUTHGOLF.


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